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Ninjam (autosong)

These recordings were created by users of NINJAM, which is GPL free software for music collaboration. Most of the mixes here were automatically generated by software that analyzes the jams for interesting parts.

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Ninjam (autosong)
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NINJAM autosong recordings from 2007-01-24. Contributors include: giorgio, namatya, gene, titi_, kevin_jam, amneaser, nanasi, Roffle, Tomis, neimad, misterk, LaS_VeGaS, muffinguy, rmrf, aufaka, dano, alex, DooMer, asd, sp4miz, puffer1, samoresid, will_azad, AndyMc_Ke, Bilos, jeremy, thenextda, NIGHTCHIL, chris_gla, nono, gsgk, gilles, optimo, mkrec, Rob, anon, DarkG3m, tbfx, me, Wouter, nakaox, sharon_Oz, vivivi, Caffeinef, villapipo, AstralTea, anonymous, cooliocam, dbkick, grizzly69,...
Topics: music, jam, ninjam